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Kudo Maldives

Welcome to Modern Japanese Mixed Martial Arts

International Affiliation
  • Kudo Maldives is a full member directly affiliated to Kudo International Federation(KIF)
  • Our training and activities are under the guidelines and regulations imposed by KIF
  • Students can pursue the International Belt certificate awarded from KIF HQ in Japan
Pursue Combat Sports
  • Provide avenues for those pursuing combat sports as an instructor or athlete
  • Our athletes have represented Maldives in numerous tournaments at the world stage
  • We have also produced instructors who teach combat sports in Maldives, both fulltime and part time
Technique & Fitness Focused
  • Our students can pursue up to their 7th International belt level in Maldives (10th being Black Belt)
  • Being a Japanese Martial art, our style is technical covering Standup, grappling and joint locks
  • Additional bootcamp fitness packages are also available for students further pursing fitness

Kudo Maldives

Welcome to Modern Japanese Mixed Martial Arts

International Affiliation
Welcome to Modern Japanese Mixed Martial Arts
  • Kudo Maldives is a full member directly affiliated to Kudo International Federation (KIF)
  • While working to contribute to the physical and mental wellbieng of society through Kudo, we also provide avenues for instructors and athletes pursuing combat sports
  • Our students can pursue up to their 7th International belt level in Maldives, awarded from KIF
  • Alongside Kudo, additional Bootcamp fitness packages available for students pursuing fitness
(The School of an Open Mind)
What is Kudo?

Kudo - loosely meaning 'The School of an Open Mind'- is a Hybrid Japanese Mixed Martial Art (MMA). One of the world's first Mixed Martial Arts, it is now practiced in over 60 countries in the world. Kudo was founded in 1980 by the Japanese Kyokushin World Champion and World Record Holder, Jukucho Azuma Takashi. Kudo is also a Budo (a code of ethics which Japanese Martial Arts are based on) and hence is not only a lifelong sport but also a system for youth discipline, education and a method of self-defense.

Being recognized as a national level sport in many countries, Kudo is in direction to take a central stage in the modern world of combat sports.

Kudo & the community

Being a Budo, our purpose is to train the mind and body to become strong and utilize that strength for the improvement of our community.

Kudo is also modeled to be safe and highly practical. Due to this, Kudo has rapidly gained membership in larger world bodies such as JWGA, WADA, etc. This also allows greater access to the sport for non-professional athletes and members of the general public to give back a healthy and fit society while also equipping them of practical knowledge that can be used in their daily lives.

Kudo - THe all-round FIghting Style

The origins of Kudo lay in traditional japanese styles of Kyokushin Karate and Judo with many added elements of Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiujitsu. Kudo is a mixed style created for the real world where one can expect punches, cloth grabs, pushes and tussles on the ground. The Mixed Martial Art of Kudo can be divided into 3 aspects. Te-waza & Geri-waza (Striking Techniques), Nage-waza (Throwing Techniques) and Ne-waza (Ground Techniques).

Te-waza & Geri-waza (Striking techniques) - Kudo covers a large variety of striking techniques. Punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes and also head butts which can be effectively used defeat an opponent.

Nage-waza (Throwing techniques) - In Kudo, grappling techniques consist of holds, grabs, throws and takedowns which can effectively be used to control opponents while also transitioning well between Standup fighting and Newaza.

Ne-waza (Ground techniques) - A real fight will often end in the ground. Kudo covers to a great extent guards, positions and joint locks that can effectively be used on the ground to submit an opponent.

Jukucho Azuma Takashi Breaks a World Record
Introduction to Kudo
Kudo Professional Combat Demo

Pictures in order: Jukucho Azuma Takashi, Kudo Black Belt Grading at HQ, Maldives in the World tournament

* NOTICE: KIF and Kudo Maldives is commited against doping by adhering to the international standards set by WADA. We also bring to notice that Anti-Doping tests will be conducted in all major international competitions. More links and documents in Downloads Section

Kudo in Maldives

It is our goal to contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of our society through Kudo while also opening avenues for Maldivians pursuing combat sports. Being active since 2010, we have carried out many activities to fulfill our goals and hope to fulfill more in the future.

International affiliation

Kudo Maldives is a full member directly affiliated to Kudo International Federation (KIF), headquartered in Japan. Our training and activities are structured within the guidelines and regulations imposed by KIF.

Become an athlete in combat sports

We have represented Maldives in 4 World Championships and 2 regional championships. For athletes pursuing career and competition, our goal is to quickly expose them to the international stage. We regularly participate in atleast one international tournament annually.

Become an Instructor

Kudo Maldives has so far produced 4 instructors who teach combat sports in Maldives. While gaining experience in Maldives, we also strive to provide opportunities to train abroad. Since Kudo is a hybrid and all round sport, athletes and instructors will also be able to easily transition to other styles of combat.

Pursue The International Belt Certificate

Students can pursue belt level and certificate, issued from KIF Headquarters in Japan. Currently, we offer training up to the 7th International belt level in Maldives (10th level being the Black Belt).

Experienced and Qualified Trainers

Our team is led by the President of Kudo Maldives, a Black Belt I Dan in Kudo and our Chief Instructor, a 1 Kyu Brown Belt in Kudo. Our team received training for a long period in the Sri Lankan branch under branch chief Shihan J. Mohamed Mohideen, a 5th degree Black Belt in Kudo.

Practical sport for real life

While Kudo is an avenue for a career in sports, the practical knowledge gained from martial arts can also be applicable for one's own safety and wellbeing in real life while also contributing to one's health and fitness.

Kudo Class Packages

Male | Dojo

per month
  • Average 12 classes per month
  • 1hr classes
  • Equipped indoor gym


Standard training equipments are available. Students can also purchase personal equipments.

Hulhumale | National Martial Arts Center

3 Kudo Classes a week
per month
  • Average 12 Kudo classes per month
  • 1hr Kudo classes
  • Equipped indoor gym

Registration Fee

Standard Registration - MVR 200
Registration with discounted Kit (Gi) - MVR 500

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Training Location
National Martial Arts Center,
#9A, H.Poonam,
Meheli Goalhi,
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